Special Education

The ˿Ƶ (˿Ƶ) offers a range of special education programs and services to provide opportunities for all students to succeed in school.

If you have any questions about special education for your child, contact your school principal.

Letter to parents and caregivers

The ˿Ƶ prides itself on the continuum of programs and services offered to support all of our learners who demonstrate varying strengths and needs. Our Cascade Model (tiered process) allows for placement of students with exceptional needs in the environment which is least restrictive or most enabling. The regular class placement is always explored as our first option. All our programming incorporates the key goal of developing further independence in all of our students. Our staff are dedicated to working with children and youth as an integral part of the school team. We believe in planned comprehensive programs and services which enrich the lives of learners. Building Tomorrow Together.

Families are our valued partners. Our relationship with you is critical to the success of students during their school years and beyond. Please contact your school principal with any questions you may have regarding the range of programs and services available to students within the ˿Ƶ.   


Chris Mills

Superintendent of Education: Special Education Programs and Services ​

Register your child with special needs

Learn how you can register your child with special needs at one of our ˿Ƶ elementary or secondary schools.

Parent and caregiver special education process

Learn about our special education process to guide parents and caregivers with their child through our special education programs. It provides information about the Cascade Model (tiered process), when a child would benefit from an Individual Education Plan and the Ministry's identification process to support children with special education needs.

Community supports and resources

Please see a list of the community supports and resources within the Windsor and Essex County area that can assist in supporting your child.

Special Education Plan

Our Special Education Plan includes detailed information on the programs and services offered by the ˿Ƶ. It provides the public with information on the Board's philosophy and service model of special education programs and services. It also provides information on the roles and responsibilities of the Ministry of Education, the school board, SEAC, principals, teachers, parents/guardians and students. It is reviewed annually with input from SEAC members.

Special Education Advisory Committee

Learn about the Special Education Advisory Committee and how they support special education programming in the ˿Ƶ. SEAC provides important input and recommendations on special education programming to the school board. It makes recommendations to the Board on matters affecting the establishment, development and delivery of special education programs and services for exceptional students.