Renting School Facilities

While primarily used for student education and extra-curricular use, the ˿Ƶ offers school facilities for the use of residents and non-profit community groups during non-instructional hours.

Renting a Facility

Before beginning the facility rental process, please ensure that you are authorized by your organization to rent facilities and that you have viewed our:

Visit our  to begin your rental registration. Follow the 'New user?' guide if it is your first time renting a facility. After creating and/or logging into your account, create a new permit request and follow portal instructions to submit.

Once we receive your permit request, our Community Use of Schools staff will review the application. If the facility space is available and the request has been successfully completed, you will receive an email notice. We may contact you and ask for further information in our review.

Facility partnerships

View more information on our facility partnerships and community planning processes.

Rules and Regulations for Permit Holders

With the acceptance of this permit, the renter agrees to abide by the rules and regulations included in the Community Use of Schools Policy/Regulation, the Hold Harmless Agreement, and within this permit.  These documents as well as relevant Board Policies and Regulations can be found on the Boards website. 

If you do not accept the rules and regulations, contact the Rental Department prior to cancel this permit. Failure to adhere to the rules and regulations may result in cancellation of the permit.

Participants must be under the direct supervision of adults (18+) at all times.  Supervising adult(s) must have a copy of the approved permit.
Doors will be unlocked fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start time and locked fifteen (15) minutes after the start time.  Doors to remain closed.  Renter to provide door monitor.  The finish time indicated on the permit is when all participants must be out of the school.
Only the areas identified on the permit for the purpose stated on the permit are to be used by the participants or spectators.  Gym use includes the use of change rooms (if available).  Indoor use includes use of the nearest washrooms.  Permit holders are to ensure that there is adequate supervision to ensure spectators, parents, siblings, etc. do not wander to other areas of the school / facility.
The rented areas are to be left as they were found.  All garbage / recyclables to be left in the appropriate receptacles.  School furniture (benches, mats, etc.) to be left at its original location.
Parking is allowed in the parking lot subject to restrictions indicated on the permit.  Parking is not permitted on driveways, fire routes or the lawn.  Failure to comply may result in ticketing and/or towing.  All parking shall be at the risk and responsibility of the vehicle owner.

Permit does not include the use of school equipment unless authorized on the permit (Volleyball poles will be provided for volleyball).  Only Board approved equipment is allowed.

Only Board approved indoor equipment is allowed.
Approved baseballs include:
-Plastic training balls (“whiffle balls”) ex. Rawlings 5-Tool Plastic training balls
-Soft foam training balls ex. Rawlings 5-Tool Foam Trainers
-Tennis balls
No hardballs, softballs, soft baseball, T-ball sponge rubber or any other ball not included in the approved baseball list.

Only Board approved hockey sticks are allowed (DOM Polyethylene blade sticks). Contact the Rental Office for details.

Only non-marking footwear and Board approved equipment will be allowed for gymnasium use.
Chalkboards, whiteboards, contents of desks must not be disturbed and rooms must be left in original state of order.
Fields are not to be used  if field conditions are unsuitable for play. 
Smoking or holding lighted tobacco, smoking or holding lighted cannabis, using an electronic cigarette or, anywhere on or in Board property is prohibited.  The prohibition also applies to all public areas within 20 metres of any point of the perimeter of Board property.
Cannabis products and Alcoholic Beverages are strictly prohibited on Board property.  Any reports of alcohol or cannabis being used on school property will result in cancellation of the permit.
Food and Beverages (excluding water) shall not be permitted in Board facilities unless specially authorized on the permit. 

The following are not permitted unless special permission has been included in this permit:

  • Video recording or filming
  • Advertising
  • Fire works, dry ice, fog/smoke machines and pyrotechnic devices
  • Animals with the exception of service dogs
The Custodian shall, at all times, be in charge of the building and grounds and their instructions must be followed.

Rental groups are responsible to administer first aid (with their own kit), seek medical attention, or any other actions required as a result of an injury.

The permit holder is responsible to contact the ˿Ƶ Rental Office to report any incident and should include the name and birthdate of the injured person, the time and location of the incident and a summary of how it happened.


Some ˿Ƶ schools are equipped with an AED.  We encourage all renters to determine if the school they are renting has an AED.  AED's are typically located near gyms.  If your school has an AED, we encourage renters to have at least one member of their group whom has valid First Aid & CPR (including AED) training. 

What is an Automated External Defibrillator “AED”?

  • This is a portable life safety device can be used in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest.
  • Please note that an AED is not a stand-alone treatment.  It is one step in a chain of medical care involving CPR, defibrillation, 911, EMS and hospital care.

Do you have to be trained in order to use it?

  • No, anyone can utilize this life safety device;
  • They are specifically designed to be fully automated and they will walk you through step by step on usage;

How to use an AED?

  • Please review the poster located next to the AED and follow the voice commands.

What is my liability?

  • None, provided you have acted in good faith (as per the “Good Samaritan Act”);

DAMAGED EQUIPMENT: Damage caused by the rental group is the responsibility of the permit holder.  Any damage is to be reported to the rental office.  All and any cost incurred for clean-up, repair, replacement shall be charged to the permit holder.  Failure to report damage may result in cancellation of the permit.

Fire Emergency procedures are to followed as outlined prior to the first booking.  The permit holder is responsible for ensuring that all participants are made aware of the fire emergency procedures.  If a fire alarm is falsely activated by any participant under the permit, the permit holder will be responsible for any cost incurred by the Board.

It is the responsibility of the permit holder notify the Rental Office 3 business days in advance that they will not be using a booked facility.  Failure to provide adequate notice may result in the rental group having to pay the scheduled fees including custodial overtime fee, if applicable.


Liability Insurance in the amount of $2,000,000, with ˿Ƶ added as an additional insured must be maintained for the duration of the permit.  The permit holder is responsible to forward proof of renewed insurance if the certificate expires prior to the last booking.


Insurance can be sold through the OSBIE Community User Group Insurance Program.  This insurance program is for those groups who do not have access to liability insurance from other sources, and who have been issued a permit.

The Board shall not be responsible for personal injury or damage, nor loss or theft, nor damage to vehicles, of anyone using the facility.

Extra fees may include:

Non-refundable permit fee: $20

Permit amendments: $20

Non-sufficient funds: $25 for NSF cheques or declined credit cards

Custodial Overtime: rates adjusted annually per Collective Agreement

Stadium Lighting: rates vary by location

Security: required for all track and artificial turf rentals and other situations deemed necessary (charged at cost recovery)

Other fees may include: use of technicians, vandalism/damage, energy, extra clean up, etc.